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I thought it was time I introduced you all to the love of my life, my one and only and light of my life;  BILL! I am talking about my three year old border collie who we rescued two years ago this week.  Before you read on, I just want to make clear that this is just my honest, personal account of rescuing a dog.  It’s the side that people do not always like to talk about – the hard work that comes with owning a dog, especially a rescue!


As much as I love him and would never change a thing, we had no idea how much hard work it is to be dog owners.  As awful as it sounds, we did no research on the type of breed we wanted so we could narrow it down to the traits/type of dog that could work for us, we just went on looks.

We went to a local German Shepherd rescue and we were taken right to the back of the out-houses to find him.  You wouldn’t of thought he had been there for a four long months as he came jumping out and playing with the volunteer as she tried to speak to us.  Straight away I knew he was for us, he was crazy, hyper and reminded me very much of my boyfriend Jay so knew they would get on like a house on fire. (He will love me for saying that but it’s so true)


We said yes straight away and that very same day he was home with us.  It was pretty overwhelming as it happened so quick. It soon became apparent this journey was not going to be an easy one and they aren’t wrong when they say rescue dogs have their issues.

His main issues are that for whatever reason, he is a bag of nerves; not with us but with the outside world.  Loud noises get him the most, a bang, firework even jay laughing louder than usual – his tail is inbetween his legs and he is in the corner shaking.


Over time he is slowly getting better but I don’t think it’s something that will go away over-night. We have tried various methods to help him but once he is in the zone there is no calming him down, it breaks my heart and it’s harder not to know why he is so scared of it.

Don’t get me wrong, when he is not like this he is such a little tinker and SO intelligent, which we learnt very early on and he runs rings round us most days.  What dog is able to open his own doggy gate? My dog that’s who!  He comes up to our bedroom, comes to both sides of the bed and up to our faces to see if we are awake then if we aren’t he trots back down stairs to wait for us.


Unfortunately, some are unable to understand him and his needs;  we’ve gone through a few dog walkers and dog sitters now as he just needs so much attention.

I could talk forever about our little man but unless you know Bill, you will never understand.  He is not just a ‘nuisance rescue’ dog.   He is our pal.

Thanks for reading!

Speak soon, Love K x



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I’m Kay, a 24 year old from Bedfordshire. I live with my boyfriend Jay and my border-collie, Bill. This is my little space to share my thoughts, favourite things and what makes me smile! I hope you enjoy reading. If you have any questions or would like to contact me, please drop me an e-mail: Thanks for visiting my page. Love Kay x

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