A quick hello…



I have really neglected this little blog lately but life/work has just got in the way I’m afraid and having time to sit down and do this was left on the back burner! I also wanted to make sure that I was adding updates because I really wanted to not for the sake of updating it because ‘that’s what bloggers do’

Anyway, apologies and excuses over, I shall jump straight back into some of my favourite products I am using currently.


Supercat Liquid Black Eyeliner Pen by Soap & Glory// £6.00 // Boots

I think it’s one a womans first world problems when they come to conquering the famous black eyeliner flick.  I am a big big fan of a bold red lip and keeping the eyes simple.  I have been told in the past that it’s not particularly the item you use to do it but the tool such as, brush, pencil etc.

I thought when purchasing the Benefit ‘they’re real’ push up liner with angled tip that I would no longer have any problems;  well, that’s what I thought after spending over £25 on it!  I really struggled to use this though and after watching many tutorials I admitted defeat and had just wasted my money.  BUT, when in Boots i came across the Soap and Gory version and it is everything I have ever wanted at a fraction of the price!  I could talk all day about eyeliner but I shall leave it here…..


Give me texture, tousled style spray // £4.19 // Boots

So, a major change has happened since my last entry;  I chopped all of my hair off!  Yep! It was pretty long but had had enough and got the famous Caroline Flack ‘do’ well, kinda!  It always pretty hard when you get a drastic new cut as it takes a while to find the way you are happy to style it but after purchasing this bottle of goodness, I think I may have got what I want.


Moroccan Oil Treatment// Not too sure!// Can be purchased from Amazon

I mentioned recently on my IG that I signed up to the February addition of the Look Fantastic Beauty Box.  For a small price of £15, I was sent a gorgeous box of surprise products and in there was the Moroccan Oil Treatment.  This oil is amazing and smells like you are just leaving a hair salon, yummy!  One tip, you really don’t need to much of the stuff as it can make you look like you have greasy hair – less is more in this case 🙂

These are just a few of my favourite things right now and after a long January, a few treats here and there were necessary.  Right, it’s Saturday afternoon and I am off to catch up with one of my besties; and I will most definitely be using all of these to get ready with 🙂  Happy weekend!


Love K x