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I have really neglected this little blog lately but life/work has just got in the way I’m afraid and having time to sit down and do this was left on the back burner! I also wanted to make sure that I was adding updates because I really wanted to not for the sake of updating it because ‘that’s what bloggers do’

Anyway, apologies and excuses over, I shall jump straight back into some of my favourite products I am using currently.


Supercat Liquid Black Eyeliner Pen by Soap & Glory// £6.00 // Boots

I think it’s one a womans first world problems when they come to conquering the famous black eyeliner flick.  I am a big big fan of a bold red lip and keeping the eyes simple.  I have been told in the past that it’s not particularly the item you use to do it but the tool such as, brush, pencil etc.

I thought when purchasing the Benefit ‘they’re real’ push up liner with angled tip that I would no longer have any problems;  well, that’s what I thought after spending over £25 on it!  I really struggled to use this though and after watching many tutorials I admitted defeat and had just wasted my money.  BUT, when in Boots i came across the Soap and Gory version and it is everything I have ever wanted at a fraction of the price!  I could talk all day about eyeliner but I shall leave it here…..


Give me texture, tousled style spray // £4.19 // Boots

So, a major change has happened since my last entry;  I chopped all of my hair off!  Yep! It was pretty long but had had enough and got the famous Caroline Flack ‘do’ well, kinda!  It always pretty hard when you get a drastic new cut as it takes a while to find the way you are happy to style it but after purchasing this bottle of goodness, I think I may have got what I want.


Moroccan Oil Treatment// Not too sure!// Can be purchased from Amazon

I mentioned recently on my IG that I signed up to the February addition of the Look Fantastic Beauty Box.  For a small price of £15, I was sent a gorgeous box of surprise products and in there was the Moroccan Oil Treatment.  This oil is amazing and smells like you are just leaving a hair salon, yummy!  One tip, you really don’t need to much of the stuff as it can make you look like you have greasy hair – less is more in this case 🙂

These are just a few of my favourite things right now and after a long January, a few treats here and there were necessary.  Right, it’s Saturday afternoon and I am off to catch up with one of my besties; and I will most definitely be using all of these to get ready with 🙂  Happy weekend!


Love K x


Fear of flying

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I’m not too sure when or where my fear of flying began but I do remember the first time as an adult that I knew my phobia wasn’t just a little thing.  When I was around 19, I was put on a plane on my own to fly to Dubai for a company I was working for and I was at the back of the plane, last row and in between two big men.  I had never really done long-haul before that occasion so it was a big deal – long story short, I ended up crying my eyes out during take off and holding hands with these two strangers – whilst I sobbed.  Attractive.

After that I did a few short haul trips but only as a favour for the department and rarely did it (and I was quite OK with that) Years later, I applied for an events role that specifically noted in the job spec that frequent travel abroad would be required but for some reason at this point I decided to go for it and think about the ‘flying’ thing later.  After two interviews, I got the job!  Hurray! …. Oh crap this means I have to fly now!  So, I decided to face it head on and have never looked back.  One year later, I have been to some of the most amazing places in the world and the points below really helped me with it & I hope they help you!


  1.  Allocate your seat.   This has helped me so much, I always pick an aisle seat for two reasons; I can’t see outside and whether we are about to crash and also you feel the turbulence less!  Simple.
  2.  A piece of advice my mum gave me.  ‘The only time you need to be worried is when the air hostesses look worried’
  3.  Distract yourself.  Read a book, listen to music and even better on long-hauls – watch a film!  Time flies by (ha, like what I did there?)
  4.  Don’t clock watch.  This will just remind you how long is left and will only worry you more, look less and it’s always a pleasant surprise how much closer you will be to being back on the ground!
  5.  Turbulence is NORMAL.  I never knew this?!!  I automatically was ready to take the brace position when there was a slight dip but after watching a British Airways video, if there isn’t turbulence that is very rare!  You only need to be alarmed when a pilot speaks – if they are quiet, just assume everything is OK.

And it’s also important to remember that your fear will not go over night, it takes time.  I’ve found the more I have flown, the better I am.

Happy future travels!

Love, K x


The real love of my life…

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I thought it was time I introduced you all to the love of my life, my one and only and light of my life;  BILL! I am talking about my three year old border collie who we rescued two years ago this week.  Before you read on, I just want to make clear that this is just my honest, personal account of rescuing a dog.  It’s the side that people do not always like to talk about – the hard work that comes with owning a dog, especially a rescue!


As much as I love him and would never change a thing, we had no idea how much hard work it is to be dog owners.  As awful as it sounds, we did no research on the type of breed we wanted so we could narrow it down to the traits/type of dog that could work for us, we just went on looks.

We went to a local German Shepherd rescue and we were taken right to the back of the out-houses to find him.  You wouldn’t of thought he had been there for a four long months as he came jumping out and playing with the volunteer as she tried to speak to us.  Straight away I knew he was for us, he was crazy, hyper and reminded me very much of my boyfriend Jay so knew they would get on like a house on fire. (He will love me for saying that but it’s so true)


We said yes straight away and that very same day he was home with us.  It was pretty overwhelming as it happened so quick. It soon became apparent this journey was not going to be an easy one and they aren’t wrong when they say rescue dogs have their issues.

His main issues are that for whatever reason, he is a bag of nerves; not with us but with the outside world.  Loud noises get him the most, a bang, firework even jay laughing louder than usual – his tail is inbetween his legs and he is in the corner shaking.


Over time he is slowly getting better but I don’t think it’s something that will go away over-night. We have tried various methods to help him but once he is in the zone there is no calming him down, it breaks my heart and it’s harder not to know why he is so scared of it.

Don’t get me wrong, when he is not like this he is such a little tinker and SO intelligent, which we learnt very early on and he runs rings round us most days.  What dog is able to open his own doggy gate? My dog that’s who!  He comes up to our bedroom, comes to both sides of the bed and up to our faces to see if we are awake then if we aren’t he trots back down stairs to wait for us.


Unfortunately, some are unable to understand him and his needs;  we’ve gone through a few dog walkers and dog sitters now as he just needs so much attention.

I could talk forever about our little man but unless you know Bill, you will never understand.  He is not just a ‘nuisance rescue’ dog.   He is our pal.

Thanks for reading!

Speak soon, Love K x



Well, that’s it!  2014 and the festive season is officially over and I am back to work tomorrow.  But to cheer myself up I thought I would upload my next entry, my favourite purchases of December!



Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Salt Scrub // Boots // £11.50

This was my most recent purchase as after all the partying, visiting family and generally being busy I needed a luxury item that would make me feel cleansed and relaxed ready to face 2015!  I am not one to pay out over £10 for a bath item, but I cannot tell you how much I love this stuff!  You only need a small amount to cover your whole body and once you are in the bath it leaves you feeling so silky smooth & it smells AMAZING!  If you are going to purchase anything for your January pamper routine, please include this!  Recreate a relaxing spa feel with a candle-lit bath and this!


Micellar Cleansing Water // Boots // £3.33

This isn’t just my December favourite, I think it has to be favourite of 2014!  I have tried my fair share of micellar waters but this ticks all the boxes for me.  I am now on to my second bottle as it lasts for ages and it does what it says on the tin.  I have to be careful with my skin care routine as I have very sensitive skin.  I find this to be very light, yet moisturizing and it wont aggravate my skin as no scrubbing is required!  It cleanses and removes make-up in one easy step, a must have for us busy women.


Cushion//Next// £8.00 (Sale)

You will soon see from some of my future blog posts that I am a crazy lady when it comes to buying home accessories and spend a lot of my time eyeing up my next purchase for our house!  I would happily spend all morning in the Next home section – much to the enjoyment of my boyfriend, Jay!  This cushion was £16 and was reduced to £8 when I picked it up recently;  I ended up buying two as love  both sides of it.  I searched on-line and couldn’t find it, but you may be lucky to find this in-store still!  It’s a lovely addition to our lounge.

That’s it for now, my dog Bill (you will be hearing A LOT about him) is barking at me for a walk!

Hope you enjoyed reading and thank you! 🙂

Speak soon,

Love, K x


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So, here it goes, my first ever blog post!  I am extremely nervous about what kind of reaction this is going to get but it’s something I have been thinking about for a while.  I am regular reader of lifestyle and beauty blogs myself and have decided I wanted to get involved and with it being a New Year, why not trying something NEW?

My future blog posts will probably consist of products I have come across and want to share and this will cover a wide spectrum of house interiors, beauty must haves & not that I am really a fashionista, but the odd piece of clothing thrown in.

Please bear with me while I work the whole world of blogging out and hopefully, in time, I will become a pro!  If you have any tips or suggestions please leave me a comment – I am aware I have a long way to go.

I am going to leave this one short but please check-in soon as will be updating my blog regularly.

Thanks so much for coming by!

Speak soon, K x